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Within the context of its activities, and in accordance with European legislation, Acedev ensures the protection, confidentiality and security of your personal data. This Data Protection Policy reflects the commitments made by Acedev regarding the responsible use of your data and is applicable to all our candidates, employees, clients, subcontractors and all general users of Acedev services.

Why does Acedev process your data?

Acedev only processes personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes. The personal data collected are strictly necessary for the intended purpose. We are committed to minimising the data we collect and keeping it accurate and up to date by facilitating the rights of those concerned. All data are collected in compliance with the legislation. No data are collected without the knowledge of the people concerned or without them being informed. Your personal data are kept for a limited time and does not exceed the duration necessary for the purpose. The data storage periods are made known to the people concerned and vary according to the nature and purpose of the data.

What kind of data are processed by Acedev?

The following data are processed:

– Identification data: first name, last name, username, company registry number – Personal information: date of birth, place of birth, mobility, etc. – Contact details: postal address, email, phone number – Professional life: role, education, qualifications – Computer data: IP addresses, cookies, etc.

Who are the recipients of your data?

The data collected are intended for the internal services of Acedev and can also be processed by our partners who act to improve the internal organisation of our company. This also involves collaboration with partners for the provision of services. You may also be asked to consent to additional processing. The data may also be transmitted to the competent authorities (at their request) as part of judicial proceedings, investigations or other legal obligations.

What are your rights?

In accordance with articles 12 to 21 of the GDPR legislation, you have a right of information, access, rectification, restriction and erasure of data concerning you. You have a right to request data portability. Acedev makes sure to facilitate the exercising of your right to object with regard to your personal data.”

How can you exercise your rights?

You can exercise your rights at any time by contacting Acedev: Info@acedevab.se. A response will be sent to you as soon as possible of receiving your request.

How are my data secured?

The personal data we collect are stored in a secure environment. People working for Acedev are required to respect the confidentiality of your information. Information Systems Protection policies are implemented and are appropriate for the nature of the data processed and the activities of the company. Appropriate measures are provided to ensure the confidentiality of the data, including avoiding all unauthorised access. We also require any subcontractor to provide appropriate safeguards to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and to comply with applicable law.

Monitoring of the Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy is accessible and available internally within our company aswell as externally via Acedev’s website, contracts and commercial documents. This Policy will be updated frequently according to legislative and regulatory developments. This Policy is effective from the 1’th of december 2019.

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